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AEO's vision is to become environmentally sustainable.

With the recent move to a 53,500 sq. ft. property, which is three times the size of our previous premises, we considered various sustainable energy options. The company operates a LEAN policy and recognised that as part of this process it could reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, thereby controlling its energy costs and gaining a competitive edge. As a result we took the decision to install sustainable energy technology.

AEO have made substantial investments into sustainable and energy saving equipment. The installation of a dual state of the art, carbon neutral Biomass System to heat the premises, along with the “green electricity” from sunlight through the installation of solar panels and T5 lighting. This has reduced our consumption of fossil fuels considerably, consequently reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

It is essential that we, as a company, analyse our risks and significant environmental issues through a certified environmental management system in order to assess improvements in environmental matters. This guarantees legal compliance and the implementation of processes for monitoring and improving our environmental impacts.

We are constantly investigating ways to continually improve our systems. Our next project is to upgrade the existing T5 lighting to Intelligent Lighting further reducing our carbon footprint.

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